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How to Include Your Bridal Party in Your Wedding Dance: Unforgettable Moments of Togetherness

Wedding Dance Lessons

Your wedding day is not only about celebrating the love between you and your partner but also the bonds you share with your closest friends and family. Including your bridesmaids and groomsmen in your wedding dance adds a special touch, creating unforgettable moments of togetherness on the dance floor. In this article, we will delve into creative and inclusive ways to involve your bridal party in your first wedding dance – follow From choreographed routines to surprise performances and personalized moments, we will provide practical tips and inspiration to help you create a memorable and inclusive dance experience that celebrates the cherished relationships with your closest friends and loved ones.

Choose an Inclusive Dance Style 

When incorporating your bridal party into your wedding dance, it’s essential to choose a dance style that is inclusive and suitable for everyone involved. Opt for a style that accommodates varying levels of dance experience and physical abilities. Consider dances with simple steps and formations that can be easily learned and executed by your bridal party. This ensures that everyone feels comfortable and confident on the dance floor, regardless of their dance background or skill level. Whether it’s a classic waltz, an upbeat swing, or a fun line dance, select a style that allows your bridal party to participate with ease and enjoyment.

Coordinate Dance Lessons or Rehearsals 

To ensure a polished and synchronized performance, coordinate dance lessons or rehearsals with your bridal party. Schedule regular practice sessions where everyone can come together and learn the dance routine. Enlist the help of a professional dance instructor who can guide the group and provide choreography tailored to your chosen dance style. Make sure to allow ample time for practice, so everyone has an opportunity to master the steps and feel confident in their performance. Rehearsing together also creates a sense of camaraderie and shared achievement among your bridal party members.

Personalize the Dance Routine 

Infuse your wedding dance routine with personal touches that reflect the unique personalities and relationships within your bridal party. Consider adding individual moments or segments where each bridesmaid or groomsman can showcase their own style or signature move. This not only adds a personal touch but also allows each member of the bridal party to shine and feel a sense of ownership in the performance. Incorporating personalized elements in the routine creates a meaningful and memorable experience for both you and your bridal party, as well as for your guests.

Surprise Performances and Dance Breaks 

Surprise your guests by incorporating unexpected performances or dance breaks into your wedding dance. This can include planned moments where your bridal party breaks into a choreographed routine, showcasing their dance skills and adding an element of excitement and entertainment. Surprise performances create a fun and engaging atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on your guests and creating unforgettable memories for everyone involved. Choreograph a surprise routine with your bridal party and rehearse it in secret, revealing it during the wedding dance to create a delightful surprise for your guests.

Involve Everyone in the Celebration 

To create a truly inclusive dance experience, involve everyone in the celebration, including your bridal party and other guests. Consider including interactive moments where guests can join in and dance alongside your bridal party. This creates a sense of unity and togetherness on the dance floor, allowing everyone to share in the joy of the celebration. Encourage your bridal party to interact with other guests, leading group dances or teaching simple steps, fostering a lively and inclusive atmosphere. This interaction not only enhances the overall experience but also creates connections and fond memories for everyone involved.

Wedding Dance

Embrace Candid and Spontaneous Moments 

While choreographed routines and planned performances are wonderful, don’t be afraid to embrace candid and spontaneous moments on the dance floor. Allow your bridal party to let loose, have fun, and express themselves through dance. Capture these genuine moments of joy and laughter as they unfold naturally. Candid moments add an element of authenticity and create a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere during your wedding dance. These spontaneous moments not only showcase the unique personalities of your bridal party members but also add an element of surprise and delight to your overall dance experience.


Including your bridal party in your wedding dance creates unforgettable moments of togetherness and celebrates the cherished relationships in your life. By choosing an inclusive dance style, coordinating dance lessons or rehearsals, personalizing the routine, incorporating surprise performances, involving everyone in the celebration, and embracing candid moments, you can create a wedding dance experience that brings joy, unity, and lasting memories. Dance with your bridal party, laugh together, and let the rhythm of the music strengthen the bonds that will continue to flourish long after your special day. Together, create a beautiful and inclusive dance celebration that embodies the spirit of love, friendship, and togetherness.

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Trends Magazine Winter/Spring 2018 full 5 page feature including VIPs Entertainment!

for the full article and feature click on this link

We are excited to share that Julie & Zack’s wedding has been featured on the Winter/Spring 2018 issue of Trends Magazine, pages 26-30.

Venue: @rcbacarasantabarbara | Planner: @kelseyevents | Floral Design: @flowersbycina | Photography: @brittrenephoto | Videography: Jake Becker | Rentals: @classicparty, @foundvintage | Linens: @latavolalinen | Rentals & Lighting: @bellavistadesigns | Beauty: @flawlessfacesinc | Officiant: Kyle Hoerner | Band: @vipsentertainment | Photo Booth: @805partypix | Stationery: @twopaperdolls | Media Partner: @trends_wedlifemag| Media Placement: @raycepr


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VIPs Entertainment Wedding Bands Featured in Modern Luxury Weddings

We are so honored to once again receive a great mention from an esteemed wedding publication this summer, Modern Luxury Weddings.

VIPs Entertainment had the honor to provide acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, Ukelelé and vocals for the wedding ceremony , a Jazz quartet with guitar, bass, Jazz drums and vocals for the cocktail reception and the Uptown Live Variety Dance band for the indoor reception and dancing!

Here is a link to the article


Along with our strong representation as the leader in Southern California Wedding Bands and becoming known as the go-to wedding music company in Monterey, Carmel and the Bay Area, VIPs Entertainment has continued to rapidly grow our brand in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and throughout the Central Coast of California. So it was a perfect fit when Aly Henderson(John), owner of Sundrop Vintage reached out to us and asked that we provide the music for her upcoming wedding in Cayucos, CA.

All photos – Wheeland Photography

There are so many details, logistics, questions and often challenges that come up when working off site from a traditional venue. Things to consider are power, places for vendors to prepare and change, storage, travel, accommodations and overall preparation for the event. That is why it is so important to work with vendors you trust can handle the task and have done this in the past. Because we send so many bands, musicians and production crews throughout Country and internationally for destination weddings, we were prepared for Cayucos, the travel, the heat and the blank canvas venue. Ultimately, the final product left our client happy and made us extremely proud to be trusted and included in such a special celebration!

Styling, Details and Vintage Rentals by Sundrop Vintage – @sundrop_vintage – Sundrop Vintage
Calligraphy by Melanie Clark – @gracewordsbymelanie – Grace Words by Melanie
Cake and Desserts by Elise Cakes – @elisecakes – Elise Cakes
Escort Display Printing by Jen Simpson Design – @jensimpsondesign – Jen Simpson Designs
Makeup by Natalie Harrington – @bellefemme_bynatalie
Hair by Jennifer Snowball – @princessjsnow and Kimberly Garborg – @kimmydoeshair – Kimmy Does Hair at Sundara Salon – @sundarasalon – Sundara Salon
Sunless Tanning by Sun Silhouette – @martagarborg
Catering by Haute Skillet – @haute_skillet – Haute Skillet
DJ by Steven Chew – @sli_dawg
Chair and Chandlier rentals by Baker Party Rentals – @bakerparty – Baker Party Rentals


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Uptown Live Band plays a Carmel, CA luxury wedding featured on Carats & Cake

VIPs Entertainment has rapidly grown as a leader in wedding music throughout Southern California and thanks in large part Coastside Couture, our reach has grown to Carmel and Monterey, CA

We are now leading the way as one of the most popular wedding bands in The Bay Area, Monterey Peninsula and surrounding area.

Here is a very cool link to Carats & Cake, one of the wedding industry’s leading online resources and truly a home to find THE BEST vendors and ideas in the wedding industry.

click here to see the Carats & Cake feature

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Uptown Live Band plays wedding for Philadelphia Eagles star Zach Ertz and soccer star Julie Johnston

VIPs Entertainment was so honored to provide music for every aspect of this gorgeous wedding. It began with the seaside ceremony music and then flowed seamlessly to hit country music for cocktail hour out on the lawn. We then moved everyone into a beautiful customized tent for dinner and dancing with Uptown Live Band and then the after party with a DJ in one of the amazing Bacara Ritz-Carlton Ballrooms!

Thank you to Kelsey Events, Rayce PR and all the amazing vendors! photos by Britt Rene


Here is bit of the article published on Martha Stewart Weddings!

While planning her wedding to the Philadelphia Eagles tight end, Julie (who plays for the United States Soccer Federation and National Women’s Soccer League) was keen on throwing a celebration to remember. With the help of the couple’s team of experts (including planner Kelsey Events), her vision was achieved. On the beautiful spring day of March 26, 2017, Julie and Zach wed in Santa Barbara, California, at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara. The two tied the knot in front of a number of attendees, including members of their athletic teams, and, of course, their other friends and family members. Following the seaside ceremony (the venue sits on the Pacific Ocean), everyone headed to the reception tent, where they were met with a mix of classic and personalized details. “It was the perfect spot for our families and Zach always wanted a beach wedding,” the bride says. “And Bacara is beautiful!”


Before their nuptials, Julie and Zach hosted a laid-back welcome party on the beach. Post-wedding, they celebrated into the night with an after-party featuring a DJ, pizza, and some of the couple’s favorite candies. Not long after their big day was complete, the couple jetted off to Hawaii for their honeymoon. The bride also turned in her “Johnston” soccer uniforms for ones displaying her new last name, “Ertz.”