VIBE The Band

About US!

Gone are the days where a cheesy & dated cover performance should be acceptable – it’s 2019 and we believe private and corporate events should have the same level of showmanship, talent & originality as your favorite artist’s live show. VIPs Entertainment attracts the most talented musicians & singers from across the globe. With our feet on the ground and our ears in music venues and record labels, we searched long and hard to find a uniquely talented & original young band. The result is LA’s slickest group fronted by the most exciting young vocalists in the country. The VIBE experience raises the bar in every aspect – original arrangements of hit records, unique choreography, crowd interaction & visually stunning performances.

No two sets are identical and no two events are the same. Every VIBE performance is scripted to suit our client’s every wish. We blend your favorite songs with original arrangements to create the ultimate big-band experience. VIBE ensures a world-class night of entertainment for any wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, party, corporate event, festival or fundraiser.
Dedicated to consistently delivering a superlative performance, it’s time to immerse yourself in the VIBE band experience.

VIBE – a whole new type of band, a whole new energy!