Pop Division

Boy Band Revue

About US!

Pop Division – is a dynamic and exciting live act that takes you through the history of the BOY BAND evolution. Covering songs made famous by the Jackson 5, N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, Boyz 2 men, The Bee Gees, The 4 Seasons, One Direction and so many more, Pop Division has a song for every popular boy band of every major decade since the Boy Band craze began. Including high end full production lighting, sound , choreography and gorgeous harmonies, Pop Division is perfect for the classiest and most luxurious events. Let Pop Division take you back to the time of frosted tips, bleached blonde hair, muscle clad heart throbs and the songs you’ve been singing with your life long best friends locked in your room since you were a kid! This is a concert and experience not to be missed, in a class all their own, Pop Division sits atop the Boy Band tributes worldwide.