Bayside 90s Band

About US!

Cover bands seem to have become more popular today than ever before. Next in line is the 90s and Y2K hit, Bayside High 90s band, capturing the style, the sights and most importantly the songs of this era. So pop open a Zima, jump on this great new thing called the world wide web and internet surf your way back to the decade of one hit wonders, pop and boy band chart toppers, hip hop, ska, punk, alternative and the birth of Seattle grunge. Bayside High will take you back to a time when Zack, Kelly, Slater and Screech were your after school heroes, when CDs ruled the world and Boy Bands in Reebok Pumps and overalls were all the rage. An era that saw Grunge invade the charts with corduroy and flannel, back when Jamba Juice and Starbucks were The New Kids on The Block!


Bust A Move Demo Mix

Jump Around Demo

My Own Worst Enemy Demo

You Get What You Give Demo