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BKP_0866Uptown Live Band is a high energy, live musical act providing the hit songs from every         popular BKP_0865musical genre. Uptown Live Band plays the most danceable songs from the Top 40 radio hits of today, 80s, 90s, Motown, R&B, Oldies, the Swing Era, the 20’s, the Big Band Hits of the 40’s and the Classic Rock and Disco hits. Combining choreography with
stylish attire, Uptown Live Band has developed a reputation as the “go to” band for Weddings, Corporate, Private, and Public events for countless clients. Currently the most popular as an 8 piece band, but with the ability to configure from a 4 piece band all the way up to 15 members.

Uptown Live Band can accommodate the requests of any client for any setting. Demo Video

The Youg Guns 80s Band poster shot
The Young Guns Ultimate 80s Band has become one of the most sought after and the hottest Private Event, Public Event, Wedding and 80s Partybands in The United States. With a repetoire that adeptly covers the greatest 80s songs ever recorded, attire that says “I love the 80s”, dance moves and guitar riffs, The Young Guns Band is a live show perfect for any company, any audience in any venue. Specializing in making each event a unique and amazing experience for everyone, with custom tailored set lists, current song additions, medleys and mash-ups, this is more than just a band, its an experience. The Young Guns Band has played throughout the world including Asia, Europe, Canada, Mexico, The Carribean, Hawaii and of course all throughout the U.S., playing parties, events, venues, weddings and everything in between. Visit tygband.com for more specific information.
Logo_YachtClub_CMYK_300DpiWelcome aboard and thank you for cruising with the Members Only Yacht Club. Today’s specials
are Yacht Rock, Champagne, Caviar and a string of hit songs from Hall and Oates, The Doobie Bothers, Christopher Cross, Lionel Ritchie Fleetwood Mac, Toto, The Eagles and many more of your favorite Yacht rock artists! If you love white pants, big gold watches and everything that’s right with the good life, then you’ll love joining the all-inclusive, open bar, sultry song styles of the Members Only Yacht Club(demo video)…Welcome Aboard!MOYC.vint.wide


Bayside High 90s Party Band-01With the increasing popularity in decade nostalgia, comes the next era band…Bayside High capturing the style,IMG_4584 the sights and most importantly the songs of the 90’s. Pop open a Zima, jump on The World Wide Web and relive the decade of one hit wonders with classic Boy Band chart toppers, the birth of Alternative, the best in Hip Hop, Dance and The Seattle/O.C. Ska and Punk movement (demo video).

Bayside High will take you back to a time when Zack, Kelly, Slater and Screech were your after school tv heroes, when CDs ruled the world, Boy Bands in Reebok Pumps and overalls were all the rage. Grunge invaded the charts with corduroy and flannel a Jamba Juice and Starbucks were The New Kids on The Block!

designcrowd_637258_14018780_2604449_36e02776_imageYou Should Be Dancing, Yeah! and a great way to do that is The Disco Balls Band, taking you back to Studio 54 circa 1975! Bell Bottoms, tight as can be, platform shoes taking you into the rafters and designcrowd_637258_13994275_2604449_7b3ebc84_imagedisco, funk and R&B from a time when people were Stayin’ Alive in the hopes to Get Down Tonight! The Disco Balls Band will have the dance floor jam packed and everyone Groovin’ because after all.. thats The Way Uh Huh… Uh Huh, they Like It!



Come Fly With Me is a Jazz, Swing and Big Band Revue that takes you back to the songs of The Great American Songbook, Standards and Swinging songs made famous in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. If you love Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, The Rat Pack, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall, Michael Bublé and many more, Come Fly With Me is perfect for your event. Made available as an intimate 4 piece rhythm section band and can increase in band size as large as 33 pieces, including 18 horns and 11 string players or whatever look and sound suits your tastes and needs! Demo Video

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djamroDJ and MC Services, Hosts:

Events big and small and everything in between need music, entertainment is one of the most memorable and important aspects of an event. Our top notch emcee’s and DJ’s have the musicianship, the look, the personality, professionalism, and the experience to make your event or party amazing.


We have you covered, making VIPs Entertainment LLC a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs, creating an easy and enjoyable event planning experience.